教会速報WeeklyNewsfromUmeda 07/19

教会速報WeeklyNewsfromUmeda 07/19
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********* 日本語グループ *********************




▼ミサ人数制限中の「聖書と典礼」です。梅田教会の所属の方にのみ次のいずれかの方法でお分けします。1) 教会入り口にある赤い郵便箱に入れておくのを取りに来る:Emailか郵便で自分の名前を通信欄に、タイトルに「聖書と典礼希望」と記入してお知らせください。2) 郵送希望の方は、郵便切手84円二枚・ご自分の住所・お名前・電話番号を記入してお知らせください。繰り返しますが、他教会所属の方、あるいは他教会所属の方の分を請求することはご遠慮ください。

▼教会が閉鎖されている間、追悼ミサなどの意向を捧げたい方は、荒川が個人で捧げている主日ミサでお名前をお読みします。次のメールアドレスに1) 追悼・記念される方のお名前 2) 申し込まれた方のお名前をご記入ください。アドレスは、myprayer2ourlord@icloud.comです。ハガキ・電話(03-3880-4718)でも結構です。



========== 再来週以降の予定 ==========


********* English Group **********************
▽Today, we will celebrate 16th Ordinary time in year A. Our parish suspend mass again from July 12th on, for too many number of infected in Tokyo and no reason to reduce it explained. E committee members will discuss situation again July 27th for August.

▽AA on Mondays and NA on Tuesdays were allowed to hold their group meeting under several conditions we proposed.

▽During our parish lmits the participants number on Sunday mass. Fr. A will say your name at the begininng of the Sunday mass. Birng your intention to parish before Sunday mass, or write your name, intention, name to be called, and email it to myprayer2ourlord@icloud.com.

▽We kindly ask you to email(josephumeda@gmail.com), or give a phone call(03-3880-4718) when you have something necessary to parish.

▽Fr. Arakawa and English community leaders sincerely ask your financial support for parish. Our parish is maintained by your donation at the mass. Though no activities had happened so far, we must pay its utilities for 1.8mil yen/year, and donation to our Tokyo diocese for 1.7mil yen/year. We hope your understanding and generocity to keep up our parish. You can transfer your donation by ATM, such as Seven bank or Yucho Ginko in Post office. Please visit to our English Group Facebook for the detial.

▽Peace week in August in TKD is suspended except Mass for Peace by Abp Kikuchi, on Aug 8(Sat), 18:00- via Youtube. No lectures, Peace week walk, prayers this year.

△From Church School
The first Sunday of April, August 2nd, we are planning to have an online class from 10a.m. and 5p.m. You can attend either class of them. Joining CS LINE group is required.

========== Schedule after coming Sunday ==========

▽<<Attenzione>> Anybody who wishes to put your ads on the bulletin board, or to collect signatures, no matter how your intent is, you must approach to pastor first.  //have a nice day!

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